Monthly Archives: May 2013

Say hello!


This is a new blog that I create to share my experience as a intern of Gnome OPW.

I have 2 others blogs, but only one we can really consider a blog:

My english is not really good! Forgive me!

So, I decided to create a new one because I think it is more organized and easier to browse.
In this blog I will share with you everything that I’ll learn, I’ll live and I’ll appreciate in this 3 months as a intern for Gedit.

My plan in this project is improve the developer experience that use Gedit as a tool to codify and increase this big universe that is the computation! For this, I will work with plugins in development, helping to fix and improve some features. Maybe, I can create new plugins with new ideas!

I started to make my small difference in the world. I developed a simple plug-in that was my first contribution to participate in this internship. You can see this here!

Did I talk a lot? Sorry, bye!