“I have a dream…”

After FISL’s week, I came back to work on my project and, passed a few days, I was unmotivated about it. This happened for two reasons:
1- I had a deadline to fulfill, but I didn’t get progress in understanding of the issue which I needed to solve. I knew what I need to do and a notion about how gcp tool work, but I didn’t understand how I would do. I was confused about if I was really doing something.
2- I had activities (out of my project) to do and I didn’t have time enough to dedicate in my project. I didn’t realize how to organize my time.

For a while, I considered to give up. I was talking with others interns about my missed deadline and they said “Oh, I also had this problem”.
So, my mentor, Paolo asked me something like: “how is it going?” and completed with “We can help you, but you need to find what problem you need our help” That day I’ve dreamed (or a nightmare) with Paolo and Ignacio. It was funny because I don’t meet them, so, my brain just put their hackergotchis on a body and they talked with me that I need to work and do something.

I woke up anguished! Hahahaha… But I decided to focus on my project and “do something”

And, after some days (really) trying, I began to understand HOW I will do!

I don’t understand why I thought I didn’t do! For my first contribution, I had the same questions about HOW and the same problem with slow progress! But after a slow progress in the begining I improved exponentialy my performance.

And now… I’m progressing.


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