554060_621691074527670_1054754547_modI’m brazilian! I like to say I’m from Brazil, because I feel people have a nice and happy impression about brazilians. Usually, when a person hear about Brazil, he open a smile.

Ok, second! I’m software developer. I graduated in Computer Science at Universidade Federal da Bahia in Feb 6th, 2013. I’m a FOSS user since 2008 but my contributions to community are too¹²³ small! So, I decided that I need to be less “parasite” (I’m kidding) and start to return everything that the FOSS community have made to  (indirectly) help me.

This blog is about my experience with Gnome Outreach Program for Women. I’m one of 38 women that were accepted to participate in round 6.

Have fun!


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