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“I have a dream…”

After FISL’s week, I came back to work on my project and, passed a few days, I was unmotivated about it. This happened for two reasons:
1- I had a deadline to fulfill, but I didn’t get progress in understanding of the issue which I needed to solve. I knew what I need to do and a notion about how gcp tool work, but I didn’t understand how I would do. I was confused about if I was really doing something.
2- I had activities (out of my project) to do and I didn’t have time enough to dedicate in my project. I didn’t realize how to organize my time.

For a while, I considered to give up. I was talking with others interns about my missed deadline and they said “Oh, I also had this problem”.
So, my mentor, Paolo asked me something like: “how is it going?” and completed with “We can help you, but you need to find what problem you need our help” That day I’ve dreamed (or a nightmare) with Paolo and Ignacio. It was funny because I don’t meet them, so, my brain just put their hackergotchis on a body and they talked with me that I need to work and do something.

I woke up anguished! Hahahaha… But I decided to focus on my project and “do something”

And, after some days (really) trying, I began to understand HOW I will do!

I don’t understand why I thought I didn’t do! For my first contribution, I had the same questions about HOW and the same problem with slow progress! But after a slow progress in the begining I improved exponentialy my performance.

And now… I’m progressing.


Spread the word

I’m spending my week attending FISL (one of the most important latin american meeting about free software). It’s happening in the south of my country, as every year. Here I can meet friends of ideas, people who likes, develops and contributes to free software. I can discuss projects, knowledges and learning more and more.

2008 was the first year that I attended this event as a listener, at that moment, I was a freshman and free software and communities were new things. But, this year, I came back as a speaker. I decide to tell everyone about Outreach Program for Women, Gnome, Gedit and PyGTK. I decide motivate women to participate and guys to colaborate and incentivate their colleagues to apply and contribute with her potential.

The title of my presentation was “PyGTK to start a conversation”. I started to talk about GNOME OPW (who can participate, how introduce yourself to comunity, how to know ways to colaborate and others ideas). So I spoke about IRC, discussions lists, wiki, blogs, projects, money, free software communities and GNOME.

After, I discussed about how easy and simple is programming using Python and using Python with GTK interface toolkit to GNOME projects. I showed references manuals on internet and paths to find information, guides and samples.

To close my speak, I demonstrated initial steps to create a plugin on Gedit using PyGTK. The files .plugin and .py, Gedit objects, GObjects and a lot of ways to say Hello World with a plugin on Gedit:
– on terminal (write hello on terminal)
– on window dialog (open a dialog saying hello)
– on buffer (dialog response write hello on buffer)
I didn’t have more time to show others example like say hello (write hello on buffer):
– by toolbutton (create a button on toolbar, click and write hello on buffer)
– by side panel (create a button on sidepanel to say hello on buffer)
– “tab-removed” signal opens a dialog saying: “You say goodbye, and I say hello!” and write on terminal: “Hello, hello…”It was a pit.

Another great thing which happened during FISL 14 was the meeting of GNOME brazilians contributors. This meeting started at the same time of my presentation, but after I’ve presented, I went to meeting room and knew some guys. It was amazing to see how active and friendly they are.
I also could talk to Luciana Fujii (a previous brazilian participant of Outreach Program Women). She encouraged me, shared her experience and invited me for participate to others two interesting event, a course where she taught GTK for women (as I’m a beginner, I could improve my knowledges) and the meeting of Women at Technology.
This last event was opened to any girl, who is involved in the technology universe, could share facts and situations that women need to face, day by day, after their choice to learn and to work in a technological space.

Say hello!


This is a new blog that I create to share my experience as a intern of Gnome OPW.

I have 2 others blogs, but only one we can really consider a blog:

My english is not really good! Forgive me!

So, I decided to create a new one because I think it is more organized and easier to browse.
In this blog I will share with you everything that I’ll learn, I’ll live and I’ll appreciate in this 3 months as a intern for Gedit.

My plan in this project is improve the developer experience that use Gedit as a tool to codify and increase this big universe that is the computation! For this, I will work with plugins in development, helping to fix and improve some features. Maybe, I can create new plugins with new ideas!

I started to make my small difference in the world. I developed a simple plug-in that was my first contribution to participate in this internship. You can see this here!

Did I talk a lot? Sorry, bye!